domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

DJ JUICE - # 23


I'm encouraged to upload another mixtape of DJ Juice, I want to show more mixtapes of him, I like his blends so much, and I'm generous.. :)

So, here it's the Volume # 23, more blends, a lot of raggamuffin, crazy mixes, that's DJ Juice (the Real DJ Juice, from Trenton, with his genuine and unique style).


4 comentarios:

DJ Mista Reese dijo...

I really dig how you continue to support my fellow Trentonian DJ Juice .. the Real DJ Juice..

Anónimo dijo...

thank you for uploading this. this is actually my favorite dj juice mixtape. did you rip this from the original cassette?

marioka dijo...

I love his blends, his classic tapes were crazy, a lot of originality, he is in my top 5.

dee jay manifest dijo...

do you have juice 9,10,15,21or22? those ar my favorit tapes from him that i dont have