viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

DJ RON G. - MIX # 9


another mixtape of DJ Ron G, from Polo Grounds (Harlem), in NYC.

It's the classic mixtape # 9, and it's a classic Ron G. mixtape, with many blends inside.

So enjoy it!!


1. (00:05:24) Ron G - I Wanna Love Ya - Caron Wheeler with Ron G Music
2. (00:04:49) Ron G - Something In The Way You Make Feel - Stephanie Mills mixed with Funky President by James Brown
3. (00:04:13) Ron G - Why Me Baby - Keith Sweat feat. LL Cool J
4. (00:03:02) Ron G - Blues - Toni Toni Tone & 187 Original Sly Instr
5. (00:04:00) Ron G - If I'm Not Your Lover - Al B. Sure mix with The Show by Doug E. Fresh
6. (00:03:55) Ron G - Nasty - Janet Jackson with Nice N Smooth
7. (00:03:46) Ron G - Walk On mix Uptown Track
8. (00:04:43) Ron G - If U Do For Me - Father MC wi
9. (00:03:41) Ron G - When I Think Of You - Jody Watley + Alex. O'Neal with Soul Man
10. (00:03:16) Ron G - Lisa Lisa Instr. - Jody Watley - I Want Your Love
11. (00:02:54) Ron G - LL Cool J - Strictly Business with Raw by Big Daddy Kane Instr
12. (00:05:01) Ron G - Honey Love - R. Kelly with Bridge Is Over Instr. by KRS 1
13. (00:04:26) Ron G - Roni by Bobby Brown mixed with G Track
14. (00:04:20) Ron G - Rain by Johnny Gill mixed with Ultramagnetic MC's Instr
15. (00:00:03) Ron G - En Vogue - Don't Go with Yes U Can Can Instr
16. (00:04:11) Ron G - After 7 Mix with You're A Customer by EPMD
17. (00:04:11) Ron G - I Got It Made Instr. mixed with Reggae Mix
18. (00:05:43) Ron G - Tracy Spencer - Tender Kisses with Impeach The President
19. (00:03:00) Ron G - You're The Man by Ron G


6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

thanks for blessin' us with all these tapes, great work! Ron G is a legend!! I have a tape by him called "4/25" if you need it, plus "Real Deal". I'm lookin for "Back To School Shit Vol. 1" and also his "Old School" 1 to 3 volumes. Also - the doo wop "cool out" tape u posted I think is vol.3, there were two more before that. peace, Ty.

marioka dijo...

Yes, tell me your E-mail, or send me an E-mail to , and I'll tell you something. :)

DJ Mista Reese dijo...

track list corrections
1. jade- i wanna love you b/w ron g beat(cece peniston - keep on walking)
3.keith sweat/ ll cool j - why me baby b/w gangstarr- take it personal (loop)
6.janet jackson- nasty b/w nice n smooth - hip hop junkies remix
7. cece peniston - keep on walking b/w tribe called quest - footprints(drum loop)
8. father mc- if you do for me b/w main source - fakin da funk
9. cherelle ft alexander oneal - saturday love b/w soulman
10. jody watley - i want your love
b/w lisa lisa- let the beat hit em'
14. new edition - can you stand the rain b/w classic break beat
16. babyface - given a chance b/w epmd - you're a customer(drum loop)
17.shabba ranks - champion lover b/w special ed - i got it made (loop)
also on the original tape there are 2 more reggae cuts at the ending and track 19. actually is at the beginning of side 2 before the r.kelly & public announcement - honey love mix

Cherry Sound dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

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