domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009



another Hip Hop mixtape of Tony Touch, famous Nuyorican Brooklynite DJ.

The year must be 1993 or 1994. Straight real hip hop to the brain!!

So enjoy it!!

Rap 27 - Hip Hop Heaven

Side A)

Too Smooth - Masters At Work (Intro)
Puerto Rico - Lil Ms' Big Music
Who's The Man - House Of Pain
Fuck What You Heard - Diamond
Test The Rocket Launcher - Chocolate Bam Boo
Mad Skillz - Lords Of The Underground
Roll With The Flavor (Kapri Bounce Track) - Flavor Unit M.C.'s
Slam - Onyx (Let The Boyz Be Boyz)
M.F.A. No Frontin' Allowed - LL Cool J feat. Lords Of The Underground
Zulu War Chant Remix - Afrika Bambattaa (Time Zone)
It's On - Naughty By Nature
The Mix Lords - Tony T
Flip Da Script (DJ Premier Remix) - Da King & I
Daddy - A.D.I.
Love Me Or Leave Me Alone - Brand Nubian
Funky Smile - East Side Hoods (A Piece)

Side B)

Crewz Pop - The Youngstas
Hit' Em From The Back - Mobb Deep
Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time - Lords Of The Underground
Da Nex Niguz - Onyx
Bloody Vibe 93 - Masters At Work (A Piece)
Let Me Be The One - Intro
Tek' Em - DJ Enuff & Tek Hoods
Diffity - East Side Hoods (A Piece)
Funkadelic Relic - LL Cool J
Hey Girl - Apache
Livin'In A Zoo - P.E.
Welcome To The Terrordome - P.E.
Come On Let's Move It - Special Ed
Warm It Up Kane - Big Daddy Kane
Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest
Oodles Of O's - De La Soul
No Delayin' - Nice & Smooth
Road To The Riches - Kool G. Rap
The Big Payback - EPMD


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