jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009



another mixtape of DJ Tony Touch. It's entitled "Don't Call It A Comeback", and it's of the year 2000, I think.

So enjoy it!!


In The Basement Intro
Keep It Thoro (Prodigy)
Hostility (Def Squad)
Rep For The Slums (Milano)
Clap Ya Hands (Big Pun)
Raise It Up (Slum Village)
Stock In The Game (Freddie Foxx)
Fucking With My Team (Juice & Cassidy)
Make A Toast (Easy Mo Bee.Feat.Flipmode & Cream Team)
Platinum Plus (Big L Feat. Big Daddy Kane Boom.Royce 5'9)
Chaos (Canibus)
Mi Amor (Angie Martinez Feat.Jay Z)
U Don't Want It (Beatnuts)
I See Yall (De La Soul Feat.Busta Rhymes)
(Big L Feat.Kool G.Rap)
Warning (Puerto Rock)
Off The Wall (Redman & Eminem)
That Nigga Shit (Big Pun)
All Love (D.I.T.C.)
Put It Down (Busta Rhymes)
My Name Is (Jada Kiss Clubber Lang)
Cash Brown (Agallah.Ruck)
I Don't Give A Fuck (A.Z)
Calm Down (M.O.P.)
Freestyle (Nature)
Mans World (Nature)
Deal W/A Feeling (Milano)
Bang Bang (C.N.N.)
Murder Murder (Cuban Link Feat.Jah Rule)
He's Alright (Fat Joe Feat.Prospect)
However You Want It (Wyklef)
Hold Tight (Slum Village)
Just Look For The Name (Sonja Blade) Damage You Kids (Guru Feat.B.H.S.&Dj Khalid)
Super Heavyweights (Tony Touch Feat.Starang Wondah)
(Knockout Kings Iii Promo)
Who Knew (Eminem)
This Cold World (Lord Tarik)
Representin (Sontaneous Feat.Saukrates & Xzibit)
Piecemaker Snippets (Wu Tang Clan & Flipmode Squad)


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mpc3000 dijo...

hey just want to say thanks for all the gems, however, on more than a few of them i downloaded...was extremely disappointed in the quality. Some of them weren't even worth posting, considering the quality...It's like "teasing" us man!!!! The dj enuff/cipha sounds mix especially, not to mention tony touch #59....Very poor quality. I understand they're old and in most cases from cassettes that you taped off radio. But you should seriously consider cleaning them up some how before posting them, so as your blog followers won't be too disappointed bro. But SERIOUSLY, THANKS FOR THE EFFORT. REAL GOOD STUFF HERE...