sábado, 3 de enero de 2009

DJ RON G - MIX #10


this year I start stronger than ever.

So here it's the Mix #10 of my favourite mixtape DJ all-time: Ron G.
The Mix King, The Youngest In Charge in full effect!!.

There are some songs I can't find them. They are the songs 14 and 15 of this mix, I don't know the name of the songs 14 & 15.

If somebody knows which they are, please, help me. :)

Tracklist (as it appears on the mix back cover):

1. What ever it takes - mix / Kris Kross instrumental

2. Wishing on a star - mix / Every Day People instrumental

3. Reggae - mix

4. Tim Dawg - Fuck Compton / mix Ain't No Half Steppin' (Original Instrumental)
5. Wrecks N Effect / Mix Grand Puba Instrumental
6. Shout Out Music

7. Right Here - SWV / Mix

8. Humpin' around - Bobby Brown / mix Pete Rock instrumental

9. Shout out music
10. Mary J. Blige - mix

11. Reggae - mix

12. Jodeci - Come and talk to me remix

13. Tevin Campbell - Be alone mix

14. Heaven must of sent u to me - mix

15. Feel right - New Edition mix

16. Right Now - Al B. Sure mix


3 comentarios:

DJ Mista Reese dijo...

number 12 is jodeci - i'm still waiting remix
number 15 is bobby brown - college girl

marioka dijo...

Thanks for the song 15, it's Bobby Brown, right. But the song before this, I'm searching it. Please, help me :)

Felix Rivera dijo...