miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008



this time is "the youngest in charge", a.k.a. Ron G, from the Polo Grounds, in Harlem, NYC.

This is the Mix 7 of his classic "blends".

If someone knows the name of the first songs, I'd be very grateful.


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a-one dijo...

1 Pebbles - Always (features feat Cherrelle Johnny Gill & Babyface)

2 Tevin Campbell - Confused

I assume you know Public Enemy is #3

a-one dijo...

This is the very first NYC mixtape I ever heard!!

marioka dijo...

Hi a-one,

would you know the name of the other songs after "Shut'em down", of Public Enemy?


Projetor dijo...

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sosa dijo...

Side A tracklisting

1 Pebbles - Always ( feat Cherrelle Johnny Gill & Babyface)

2 Tevin Campbell - Confused

3 Public Enemy - Shut Em Down blended w/NWA Just Don't Bite It

4 New Edition - Boys to Men

5 Poor Righteous Teachers - Strictly Mash'ion

6 Debarge - Stay With Me(Sample for Biggie's one more chance rmx).

7 Johny Gill - My My My

8 Nice & Smooth - How To Flow w/ Geto Boy's Minds Playing Tricks w/ Edo G's I Gotta Have It
^^^ My favorite part of this mix.

9 Heavy D - Peaceful Journey

10 Mary J. Blige - You Remind Me (Her first song released!)

11 After 7 - Heat of the moment(Rmx) w/ Naughty by Nature's "Everything's Gonna Be alright" and then Chi Ali - No Retreat??(no really sure on the blend but I know the group singing is After 7)

12 Michael Jackson - Remember the Time w/ Cypress Hill "How Could I Just Kill A Man"

Anónimo dijo...

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